Pulse is a machine learning model that generates continuously updating risk assessments for every country, 1,200 cities, and 6,000+ regions - covering every spot on the globe.

Pulse learns what normal risk patterns look like anywhere in the world. These patterns allow the strategic thinker to identify long-term trends and the tactical operator to take action when stability is impacted by disruptive events.

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ScribeAI is the easiest and fastest way to put risk and threat assessments into the hands of everyone in your organization.

The Hyperion’s ScribeAI writes risk and threat assessments in real-time. ScribeAI makes threat reporting simple and immediate, putting risk assessments into the hands of everyone. ScribeAI writes the “What” report so your teams can focus on the “So What” analysis for your mission.​

Machine Learning + Reporting


Hotspots AI identifies and alerts to disruptive events around the world, even in places you didn’t know to look.

Hotspots tracks normal patterns of activity across the globe and provides a visual cue to flag disruptive events that could impact your employees, operations, and investments and result in billions of dollars in economic losses. ​

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Forecast is a machine learning model that analyzes data from Pulse and Hotspots to produce real-time risk forecasts for every point on the globe.

Forecast predicts future risk trends, enabling you to evolve from a reactive to a proactive strategy. Make better decisions, avoid disruptions, and seize opportunities.​

See the Future


Events identifies a wide range of risk-related incidents breaking worldwide.

Events knows what matters to you. It constantly monitors the globe (so you don’t have to) to identify incidents that disrupt your plans, such as a protest, conflict, a disease outbreak, and much more.

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Travel Warnings


Alerts are your fail-safe option that ensure you get the information you need, even when you’re away from your desk. Hyperion enables alerts for every feature, such as Pulse alerts, Hotspot alerts, Event alerts, and customized keyword alerts to catch anything you may be looking for.

Alerts ultimately act as your early warning system that allows you to receive the information you need to take action.

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