Defense and Intelligence

GeoSpark Analytics’ products, through real-time alerts driven by streaming social media, news and curated reports, keeps defense and intelligence analysts and operators informed of current events and provides historical data for automated forensic analysis.  We bring together traditional commercial and open source data with limitless amount of non-traditional content in a spatially enabled platform. 

Physical and Event Security

GeoSpark Analytics helps security companies, chief security officers, and sports and concert venue operators understand the threats and potential risks to their properties, clients, and patrons. Through real-time alerts driven by streaming social media, news, and curated reports we help keep global, regional and local operations and events safe and secure.

Financial Markets

When investors need to understand an uncertain world and make informed decisions that increase earnings GeoSpark Analytics’ products are there to help. Through global and local real-time alerts and trend analysis of social and traditional media, GeoSpark Analytics helps inform your investment decisions based on breaking events, political trends, weather and other actions that could disrupt your investments or offer new opportunities.

Travel and Leisure

GeoSpark Analytics helps global hotel chains, lodging companies, tour companies and cruise lines understand the threats and potential risks to keep your guests and global operations safe and secure.

Media Corporations

When reporters need to understand both breaking events and the historical context of a region GeoSpark Analytics products provide them seamless integrated access to decades of reporting and the most current trends in social and news media.