Solutions for Comprehensive Decisions

GeoSpark Analytics’ products enable humans to understand inhuman amounts of information. We bridge the gaps between data analysis, threat assessment, and reporting. By combining multi-variant data from space, social media, news reporting and cyber with machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language generation we deliver insights needed to make informed decisions in a post-industrial world.

Our products are built on our Hyperion engine. Its modular architecture, built on a series of cloud-native microservices, allows for rapid development and continual improvement of all products and user workflows. Its data vendor neutral structure allows for the rapid integration of new content and algorithms.

Hyperion is a location-based intelligence platform that provides easy access to the latest and best data from space, social media, breaking news, and cyber. By combining this data with machine learning and artificial intelligence, Hyperion delivers real-time insights and comprehensive assessments through situational awareness, anomaly alerting, and natural language reporting of activities that could pose a risk to your operations.



Mobile application that delivers real-time global news and community-based reporting covering every corner of the world.


Artificial intelligence-written natural language reports that summarize news, social media and breaking events anywhere on the earth.

The GRiD

Machine learning algorithms that define patterns of normal human activity across the globe and alert users to abnormal patterns telling you what is happening and why.


Automated and customizable alerts on breaking events in news, social media and activity levels critical to your operations available instantaneously via email, text, or in our platform.